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Shri B. A. Dangar Homeopathic Medical College

Shree Bachubhai Alabhai Dangar (1938-2000) is that source of inspiration to sow the seeds of service to the society that today has grown into a tree in the form of this college. He felt deeply interested in homoeopathy when he came across its astonishing results in some of the patients, where all other system of medicines failed. He then inquired about prevalent homoeopathy education throughout our nation and Gujarat state, in  particular. He came to know that compared to other parts of the country, Homeopathy has not found its deserving awareness in Gujarat and thus needs more penetration. It was therefore his dream that today has come alive into this institute which strives to bring out better homoeopaths who can serve the society better.


Born at Rajkot on 20th may, 1938, Bachubhai Dangar's story is that of a resurgent and valiant phoenix who has seen many failures in his life , but has fought back to each of them and came out victorious. He shifted to Porbandar and established his business there. Starting as a very small retailer, he gradually progressed to become a brandname that Gujarat talks about. More than his business skills, it was his inner urge and never dying spirit to do something for the society and for everyone around him that people still respect his family ! The social servant in him forced him to join the “JANSANGHARSH”. He was one of the founding members of Jansangharsh in Porbandar. During his political career, he served various designations. The stage of politics for him was a medium to serve and not that to earn. He lived with his divinity and selflessness all throughout. He had always maintained that the way to uplift the society is to foster among the youth good values and education. It was unfortunate on our part that he had an untimely and sudden demise . But the seeds of welfare of the society that he has fostered in us inspired us to dedicate this college to him and to pay our homage to him. With the same vision the trust “Samarpan Charitable Educational, Medical And Research Trust” was formed in his presence. We firmly believe that the motive to initiate this is to serve the society by imparting truely international standards of  education and to ensure that each student who graduates out of this college should carve a niche when they start their career and they should be proud to have been a part of this legacy. This is the dream that we envisage and live with!


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